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  • It was a pleasure working with Ryder. There was no pressure and he made me feel comfortable with my decision to transfer some of my 403b to gold an... Read More »
  • No complaints.. fast and cheap Read More »
  • Thank you Shanti Hendricks and Capital Gold Group, in my opinion they are the best; they offer the widest selection of investment products and gold... Read More »
  • Thanks to James Chu, I was able to refinance the way I wanted to, with the rate and loan terms I wanted. James has a winning attitude that made the... Read More »
  • I had the pleasure of working with Jeff Wade at Ladera Lending, and he made the refinancing process stress free by being in constant contact with m... Read More »
  • Ryan Berry, thank you so much for all your wonderful help and patience through the process of getting me qualified for this mortgage loan, I did no... Read More »
  • I called this company to ask about a problem I am having getting my 2013 RAM Longhorn Laramie repaired. The thing wouldn't shut off!! Ended up taki... Read More »
  • Loved the concert. Paid for "meet and greet tickets." I wanted to thank Black Sabbath for 40 years of memories. I did so when we were taking person... Read More »
  • Mr. Newland was invaluable in helping me through a difficult time when my insurance company denied my claim. He was very compassionate, and helped... Read More »
  • I'm very satisfied . Was able to incorporate everything we wanted into the website ... Turbo S Studios, Inc. went above and beyond by giving us a f... Read More »
  • From the very onset, they came across professional, quick and attentive. Updated with web communication and fast response time, they handled the tr... Read More »
  • This was the worst sales experience of my life. Like many other reviewers, my experience started off great. I saw the exact make and model of the c... Read More »
  • I never expected to have to use an alarm but Security One performed as needed when the time came. A trespasser was trying to open a back door in my... Read More »
  • We appreciated the excellent customer service provided by the closing coordinator on our refinance, Mike Chung. He was always easily reachable and... Read More »
  • Back in July of this year I was 60 days away from losing my house to foreclosure. I contacted Homestead Financial and told them what was going on.... Read More »
  • I cant thank Oak RIdge Financial enough for helping with my mortgage. I desperately needed the help and they were able to assist me in keeping my h... Read More »
  • Player Auctions is the best site ever! Ive used them for years and its the only site i trust to purchase all of my gaming needs. Thanks Player Auct... Read More »
  • Although I am continuing to pursue a lawsuit with these guys as help, they have already forced my lender to cut my $3000 payment in half. My lender... Read More »
  • It was simple and easy. Really reduced my student loans. Read More »
  • I wanted to thank Gary McPeak and Laura Rosen they were great and had my loan wrapped up very fast. They were there for me when I had a question an... Read More »
  • Gary McPeak and Laura were very professional , they delivered what they promised , My interest rate was 4.75% and they were able to get my interest... Read More »
  • Thank you very much for easing the pressure of moving day. They promptly responded to all inquires and agreed on the estimate we had suggested. The... Read More »
  • We recently refinanced our home! Coastal Pacific Lending was able to answered all of our questions and made this transaction very easy. I highly re... Read More »
  • USA Locators LLC were professional, kind, and trustworthy. I recommend them without hesitation. He helped us recover funds in a timely manner. We a... Read More »
  • From when I opened my PayPal account, I have received incorrect information and terrible service, Now my account is shut down for no valid reason.... Read More »
  • Debra L 9/23/16 Thank you ! I jiust want to thank Payton Reilly and her team for a great job and alll the hard work that she did to help me and my... Read More »
  • After an extremely disappointing mediation without expectation of any help from the loan servicer we called Sanctuary FInancial Services as a last... Read More »
  • My husband & I had been struggling to make the mortgage every month for at least a year when we contacted Payton at Sanctuary Financial Services. W... Read More »
  • Payton Reilly and the rest of the Sanctuary Financial Services team were incredible. They did exactly what they said they would do within the time... Read More »
  • We officially opened our doors one week ago & it has been NONSTOP FUN ever since!! Having classes filled with so many AWESOME First Day Friends thr... Read More »
  • We officially opened our doors one week ago & it has been NONSTOP FUN ever since!! Having classes filled with so many AWESOME First Day Friends thr... Read More »
  • My wife and I have had some hardships for the past few years. It began in 2011 when I was involved in a work related injury. During this time I was... Read More »
  • When I contacted Sanctuary Financial Services I was already skeptical of these types of companies..... only because I was taking advantage of by a... Read More »
  • I am happy i decided to purchase from Mr. Horn and Capital Gold Group . It was refreshing to work with a guy who really knows his stuff and underst... Read More »
  • Both Jonathan Nguyen and Beatriz Camponovo worked very hard to get this re-fi VA loan together in such a short amount of time. We were amazed and i... Read More »
  • Quality product great customer service. From my first contact the staff was knowledgeable and friendly. They answered all my questions patiently an... Read More »
  • Payton is THE BEST!! I was laid off of my job a couple of years ago and we started falling back on our mortgage. We were 6 months in arrears and it... Read More »
  • I worked with Steve through the approximately 3 week buying process. I did a lot of research and finally decided that I wanted a Schwinn AC Perform... Read More »
  • Everything from this store is flawless the prices,deals,coupons,customer service and quick response to all my doubts.Will be my first option when b... Read More »
  • Thank you Johnny Hotoyan for your excellent services. Getting deal done. It is great to work with you in the past two year. I am definietly refer J... Read More »
  • My metals arrived at the depository in 3 days, just as promised. They told me they have the quickest shipping for IRA accounts and it's true. I wou... Read More »
  • I want to thank Gary McPeak and the loan processor Laura for an outstanding job securing my loan. I would recommend them to my family and friends s... Read More »
  • I just finished working with Homestead Financial Services and all I can say is they are a great bunch of people. Not only did they save my home, bu... Read More »
  • Advantage Gold meets the highest standards. My dealings were with Mr. Mathew'Ayabarreno. He has a pleasant personality and takes ample time to expl... Read More »
  • Pacific Associates Corporation is a great company and they are super easy to work with, they get the job Done! they helped us reduce our debt and g... Read More »
  • We have had Flashbyte for almost 2 years. After a few months getting used to this type of Service since we moved from where we hade Charter Communi... Read More »
  • The reason for voting this company is that I found their services very affordable. I have worked with them many time and every time they delivered... Read More »
  • Brilliant Futures LLC., has been amazingly helpful to my son who has ADHD. It feels great to have a plan put in place by experts. I regularly get d... Read More »
  • I highly recommend Brilliant Futures LLC., to any parent whose child is autistic or has developmental disabilities. Having received a excellent hel... Read More »
  • Im posting this review for my grandma, Charlotte Kearney. She's a bit behind with tech, but She had such an easy experience refinancing her home, s... Read More »
  • This is the 3rd time i refinance with Sharpline Brokers and Rey Reyes and i can honestly say that they never let me down. My loan always closes an... Read More »
  • I would like to thank my loan officer Rick Guthridge and Closer Kelly Hong for all the work in expediting my loan refi ..great communication and ve... Read More »
  • This is the e-auction site for many popular computer games. Multiple sellers can post currency, accounts, power-leveling, etc. As the buyer, you ca... Read More »
  • Jewelry by Novel does what they say and they will do it when they say they will do it. Edwin is a really hard working man and will do anything to k... Read More »
  • I want to thank my load officer and processor, Roger Ramillon and Khalilah Fountaine. The refinance went so smoothly and quickly. Roger was very h... Read More »
  • We just completed our home refinance and worked with loan processors Mark Snow and Beatriz Camponovo. Both Mark and Beatriz were very friendly and... Read More »
  • Please contact Lazell Tolbert, he is the absolute best. I'm so glad that I finally decided to answer the phone!! :)) Mr. Gilbert explained everythi... Read More »
  • I had the previlage of working with Mr.Ray as I moved my IRA into metals.He made me comfortable as I did this transition. I was skeptical since I h... Read More »
  • I receive about 10 refinance offers a week so I decided to really shop around this time. I talked to a ton of loan officers, in the end Dave Panno... Read More »
  • Jonathan Yuen, Chrystal Mayhugh and Prime Choice Funding did a wonderful job helping me refi my home. The process was easy and Jonathan's communica... Read More »
  • Scott Gronsky, and Amy Taylor were absolutely fantastic throughout the entire loan process. Got a great Rate was serviced promptly and totally prof... Read More »
  • Do not hire! Complete nightmare post hiring! Biggest mistake of our lives! This company does not deserve any stars! Was nice at hiring, then became... Read More »
  • Never have I received such attention and great service from a travel agent. Jason was ready and willing to assist at every turn of my trip. Thank y... Read More »
  • Me and my wife planned to get a complete kitchen remodel as well open it up a little bit. We had a galley kitchen that just felt too small, my wife... Read More »
  • If you're looking for expert advise on your precious metals purchases, then talk to Charles Thorngren. He knows what he is talking about. Charles w... Read More »
  • There is a strategy to passing this exam and Loan Officer School equips you with the tools,resources, links, and support to pass your exam the firs... Read More »
  • Nutratech's Atrafen PM is a night time diet pill quickly making its way up to the top selling stimulant free diet products on a lot of online store... Read More »
  • At first I was very skeptical of being able to refi, Rey guaranteed that I would and he was "money in the bank", no pundt intended! Everything I qu... Read More »
  • I have placed an order for my 2016 Lexus GS350 for part number NDS6223GS. (DVD & NAVI CONTROLLER) I have received this order two weeks ago and was... Read More »
  • I live close to the Los Angeles area and was referred to Bloom Law Group by a friend. She notified me and told me about their office on 21900 Burba... Read More »
  • I am 21 years old married women live in Miami, I don't want baby right now but unfortunately i was pregnant. One of my friend suggest me online pha... Read More »
  • My brother had worked with Evan, and my brother was happy working with Evan and so I was expecting the same feeling and I was not let down! He wil... Read More »
  • After receiving a large back pay of disability (that the lawyer kept the lion's share) without tax withholding. The USTS sales person assured us th... Read More »
  • Steve was super helpful and knowledgeable. He patiently answered all my questions. He spent at least 30 minutes on the phone with me. Thanks so muc... Read More »
  • I ordered a ride-on toy for my one year old. The ride-on toy appear to be functioning properly the only defect was that the doors did not open as a... Read More »
  • Some cool insights to the philosophies, and constructs of anger. Read More »
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the staff at Amerhope. From the first call to Debbie Volpe who assured me that "I would be i... Read More »
  • ConsultAir provided me with a thorough consultation regarding my hvac issues, and helped me to problem solve so that we were able to solve some hum... Read More »
  • Finally after 2 attempts with a couple of other so-called Gold Rollover Firms. It was Christian Howard, Janette Compton, Leah Kendrick and Dillon D... Read More »
  • After speaking with several companies, I chose Noble Gold. Collin Plume was my point of contact. He gave me solid advice and attention with regards... Read More »
  • DON'T use this guy! My church paid him a refundable deposit on some equipment that ended up not working out. He never returned our money. Who would... Read More »
  • I am David Kreitor. We had the misfortune to request Sunstar Heating and Aire to repair our air conditioning machine. I am in the process of bringi... Read More »
  • I contacted National Student Loan Solutions and went over my situation with them. They reviewed my loans and my income and found the best program f... Read More »
  • Pure Logic Escrow has been great to work with, Lori Gouws was wonderful to work with, Responded to all of our questions and/or concerns immediately... Read More »
  • Coworker referred us to Prime Choice Funding. Keith McKaY and Bob Lin helped us to close our refi. The whole process was easy, fast and smooth. Eve... Read More »
  • I selected 180 Fusion based on online SEO ratings which were quite good 5 years ago. After I contracted them, they were supposed to provide SEO for... Read More »
  • Andy did a great job. I had a bit of a tougher mortgage because I was over the $417,000 threshold and my house is technically a condo because of th... Read More »
  • It took some time but they never gave up on it, I place a 2010 case with them in June 2014, after locating several bank accounts with not much mon... Read More »
  • As a former loan officer of nearly 20 years, one business trait was paramount! UNDER Promise and OVER Deliver. My family was enticed by this compan... Read More »
  • This company treated me very fair and I had an good experience with them. Their customer service employees are very nice and I will tell all of my... Read More »
  • We had a great experience with Steve Smith the owner. He came out to inspect minor mold damage. Rather than charge us an arm and leg to fix it he s... Read More »
  • Transferring IRA money from another company was super Easy. From initial conversations with Charles, to online application and reminders from Jean... Read More »
  • The older crew there is great. The "new management" will treat you like a dog (including commands), not inform you when there is an overpayment (th... Read More »
  • My wife and I are both Army vets, we looked around for a VA IRLL and decided to talk to Prime Choice. Working with Keith McKay and Michelle Panno w... Read More »
  • I responded to a mailer about the refinance of my home. It was one of many that were coming to my home regularly. However for some reason this one... Read More »
  • This was my first time buying gold and silver and Anthony couldn’t have been more helpful. What was really great though was that he followed throug... Read More »
  • In this modern market, you will get various kinds of companies and brands that serve several services and products according to the demands of thei... Read More »
  • I did a shoot with Terry Frick on the 4th of September. He was so amazing and professional. My headshots are BEAUTIFUL, I received them within 30 m... Read More »
  • Wow!! I contacted Specialized Surfaces to get a quote to put in Wood flooring in my home and I was very impressed with their excellent customer ser... Read More »
  • My ceiling had some water damage and I called the home insurance company but they were completely useless, so I decided to hire guys from the Water... Read More »
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