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- Sandhya Keller, Customer Service Manager ,
Fidelity Home Energy

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Technician provided good honest evaluation of my garage door situation. Read More »

You will not regret teaming up with Apt212 to help get you the most amazing apartment in the city, they hunt day and night for the right place for... Read More »

Tthey were extremely friendly and helpful on both the sales and installation sides of my purchase. Not only were they able to assist me in choosing... Read More »

I had a few issues with just how fast they wanted to go through the process though I was very busy during this time period. I am glad Colin stuck w... Read More »

They were very polite and professional. The quality work was great. I would definitely Call them again. Read More »

I received a water bill for 180.00 for one month from this company. I have not heard anything from anyone being as though I sent a message just tod... Read More »

"DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY" I ordered an Orion TV Remote. They sent me a Dish Network remote that did not even work I called the customer se... Read More »

Tiffany was a extremely helpful helping me through the process of getting my student loan payments down!!!! Everyone should try it! Read More »

I would like to thank Alejandra Kutzner and Jeff Critchfield for guiding me thru the entire refinance process. A fantastic job was done by both. Th... Read More »

My best experience ever with a refi has been with Jennifer Sasaki and Optimum First. Jennifer is responsive and she has a sense of humor. She is al... Read More »

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